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Smooth Stone also does repair work! Here are just a few examples of the types of repairs we can do. Use the form on the contact page to ask about your particular repair, and how we can help you rock again!




Customize a guitar for yourself or someone else. Smooth Stone Guitars has the experience to prepare special inlays within our custom line, or add them to a guitar of your choice. Insert your logo on the peg head to surprise someone at a special event, or upgrade your guitar with a superior pickup or finish. The sky is the limit!



We offer personal service and attention to every guitar that passes through our hands. That’s something you won’t find very often. We also have the contacts and information to bring your guitar back to its original state if you’re seeking restoration.

  • Cracked faces & backs

  • Broken peg heads

  • Refinishing

  • Broken necks & resets

  • Set-ups

  • New nuts & saddles

  • Bridge replacements

  • Pickup installation

  • Complete restoration



We welcome repairs of all scopes. Give us the opportunity to help you get the guitar of your dreams.

Click the images below

to see examples of what we can do.

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